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equipment materials consulting


Design work

Modern and qualified project solutions pledge of durability and economic efficiency
The durability of construction objects is the basis of the image, sustainable development and, accordingly, financial stability of the construction organization, which is in the path of writing its successful history in the construction market. The undeniable condition of the durability of an object of any complexity is the reliability of the source data and conditions that are not directly dependent on the construction process. The quality of such data is provided at the project stage, which in turn includes works on architectural, artistic, environmental, technical, technological, engineering decisions of the object, estimated cost of construction and technical and economic indicator

Equipment selection and
of laboratory equipment

Modern laboratory equipment - a guarantee of quality products
Effective work and a steady profit of a construction organization directly depends on the stable quality of the products being produced. World experience in the development of the construction industry shows that quality assurance is impossible without developing its own laboratory facilities. At the same time, the presence on the market of a large number of brands and modern equipment does not guarantee the efficient use of funds when creating and re-equipping its own laboratory. We guarantee that the completion of your laboratory will be carried out by specialists with many years of experience in direct work with the equipment and are specialists in the construction industry

Engineering and technical support

Specialists plus quality control plus modern materials equally economic efficiency of construction multiplied durability
Dynamic development of the construction market involves both the introduction of the latest technologies and materials and the increase in requirements for the qualification of personnel of individual units as construction, assembly and administrative units. The involvement of specialists and working groups of the relevant direction in the production process will have a significant economic effect both for the concrete object and in the long-term perspective. We guarantee skilled maintenance of the construction process by certified consultants-engineers with many years of experience and up-to-date laboratory support

Entry, operational and acceptance quality control

The complex of measures to control the source materials, the process of work execution and finished products is not only one of the main tools for ensuring stable quality and a mandatory requirement of state building codes and construction contracts. In addition to self-control, an effective tool for ensuring a stable quality is the involvement of an external, independent expert organization. The presence of a modern certificated laboratory and qualified personnel allows us to provide a complete list of services for quality control of the construction process in accordance with the current regulatory framework and world standards

Correct engineering and technical solutions ensure high economic efficiency of construction

The external audit and engineering support of the construction process is an effective tool aimed at improving the quality and productivity of production, enhancing the skills of the personnel and informing the head of the company on the directions of effective development. Participation in the construction process of the working group of qualified engineers will allow in a short time to develop a set of measures to improve the efficiency of the organization and make plans for long-term development

Modern materials and technologies are a guarantee of high quality and durability

The desire to be at the forefront of the construction business should be supported by the constant aspirations for the introduction of state-of-the-art technologies and building materials. At the same time, the qualification of performers is a resource that weighs more money, but also acquires time and experience. That is why, having scientific and engineering potential, backed up by many years of experience, we provide a full cycle from the development of standards, technical regulations and technological maps to support, training and analysis directly on the construction site

Skilled personnel is the main resource of an efficient construction business

Owning the main resource of efficient construction business - qualified personnel, is a guarantee of financial stability and confidence in sustainable development. There are two options on this path: "acquisition" of skilled and skilled workers in the labor market and education of their personnel. The advantage of the second option is the very fact of investment in its own development. With extensive experience in the field of education and modern production facilities, we provide training and advanced training for engineering and technical workers and laboratory assistants

Lab support

Independent laboratory support is an effective tool for self-control and quality
The rapid development of building technologies and the desire to hold on to the upper levels of the professional hierarchy dictates the need to attract external specialized laboratory facilities. Such capacities can be aimed at both situational expansion of the capabilities of its own laboratory and as external audit and self-control. The presence on our production base of state-of-the-art certificated laboratory equipment and the staff of highly skilled professionals allows us to guarantee you reliable and timely laboratory support of the construction process


Assessment of the state - the basis of rational decisions in the system of technical maintenance of engineering structures
Diagnostics of engineering structures is the basis for making rational decisions regarding the necessary operational, repair, restoration or construction measures. Qualitative data concerning the technical condition of the construction are, on the one hand, a reliable means of substantiating financial expenses for construction operations, on the other hand, an effective instrument for the rational distribution of limited logistical resources. We guarantee the use of state-of-the-art methods and diagnostic equipment with a full cycle of engineering support by the specialists of the highest qualification

Assessment of the transport and operational condition of roads

Efficient functioning of the highway as a linear structure requires the implementation of a significant amount of work to monitor its operational status, which in turn is a key to the rational use of resources for its maintenance and restoration. Among the main indicators: structural durability, equality, coupling quality, defect, state of engineering equipment. The availability of modern and high-performance diagnostic equipment allows us to provide competitive services for monitoring the condition of highways and the quality of road works

- Inspection of bridges

Diagnostics of artificial structures involves the determination of the technical condition of individual elements, the assessment of their bearing capacity, the residual resource, the provision of initial data for the development of design documentation, etc. The department of artificial constructions of our organization is equipped with certified equipment and staff responsible executor who has a certificate of certification for work on examination and inspection in construction and significant experience of performing works on survey of bridge and other artificial structures.